Foz is a grand sofa that gathers surprising details of a beach located in Porto, in the north of Portugal.

Designed in layers, the contour of the sofa is an ode to the sea waves that slowly reach the shore. While the loose cushions, that rise as boulders in the ocean, create a feeling of relaxation, the brass base brings to mind the golden tone of the fortified castle that watches over the beach, when gently being illuminated by the sunset rays.

As a final detail, the perched guardhouses seem to be transported to the round shaped armrests that overlap the brass base to look out over the surroundings.


Height. 87cm|34,25″ Width. 230cm|90,55″ Depth. 96cm|37,79″ Seat Height. 42cm|16,53″

Product details

Upholstery: InsidherLand Woollen Ref. 6.
Base: Oxidized brushed brass with matt varnish.
COM: 12m|471,89in (Standard width 140cm|55in)

Product options

Upholstery: Other InsidherLand fabrics or client fabric.
Base: other veneers or any Ral Classic color or any metal (brass, coppet, stainless steel) finished in matt, half gloss or high gloss varnish.

Handmade in Portugal. Custom sizes and other finishes are available under request.

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