The Niemeyer dining chair is named after the Brazilian Architect Oscar Niemeyer whose Architecture was spread like sculptural poetry in the History of humankind.

The rounded lines of the dining chair are influenced by the remarkable ‘Casa das Canoas’ designed by Niemeyer in 1951. If looking through the human scale point of view, the glass facade disappears within the tropical forest, but from above, the sculpted concrete flat roof floats and stands out in the landscape.

The flat roof offers its flowing forms to the round seat. The backward movement of the curve that frames a large granite boulder is recreated by the location of the seams in a meticulous upholstered work that flows all around the chair.


Height. 83cm|32,68’’ Width. 62cm|24,41’’ Depth. 65cm|25,60’’ Seat Height. 49cm|19,29’’

Product details

Upholstery: InsidherLand Charm Ref.1.
Legs: oak finished in matt varnish.
COM: 2,5m | 98,42″ (Standard width 140 cm|55″).

Product options

Upholstery: InsidherLand fabrics or client fabric.
Legs: other woods or any Ral Classic color finished in matt, half gloss or high gloss varnish.

Handmade in Portugal. Custom sizes and other finishes are available under request.

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